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  1. What types of products do you provide?
    • We offer a variety of make-up and personal care items that are considered “non-essential” by most organizations. Items might include makeup, acne medication, perfume/cologne, hair products, etc. 
  2. Where do you get your products?
    • People donate new and unused products to us or they donate funds and we purchase products. 
  3. Can schools or students make requests?
    • Not at this time, but we hope to offer that in the future. 
  4. Is the make-up available to all genders?
    • ABSOLUTELY! We do not care how you identify or why you wish to wear make-up. If you want to wear make-up or use “non-essential” hygiene and beauty products, we want to help. 
  5. How do I get this in my school or location?
    • Please use our Contact form to reach out and we will do our best to bring a program to your locations. 
  6. Do you work outside of Central Oregon?
    • At the moment, no, but only because that is where we are located, we would love to expand, so please reach out if you want to help us.
  7. Are your donations expired or poor-quality products?
    • We will never offer expired products. We offer a wide range of brands based entirely on what donations we receive and how we can make our funds go furthest. All items we offer are respected brands that follow all US requirements for production and sale
  8. I have a store that has products that might be appropriate. Can you take them?
    • It depends. As indicated above, we will not distribute expired products. We ask that any donations be a minimum of six months from expiration. 
  9. I want to offer acne products, is that OK?
    • We are happy to stock and offer acne control products (a common teen issue!). However, because we distribute primarily through other organizations, they may have restrictions on what types of products they can offer. In some cases, acne medication may be considered an over-the-counter medication instead of a cosmetic product.